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The celebration of the mussel


The fiesta in full swing, it’s the least we can say. Everyone is drunk, the girls are boiling, and the guys even more. A guy hitting on pretty blonde of 18 years and the booze is more than reason. He took the opportunity to fiddle with her graceful little body, all pale and fluffy, and realizes that this greedy waiting for it … presto, it found a free room and extends this gazelle on the packed bed by providing its long penis. The greedy and engages immediately offered him a pipe which he would have never thought of! Then she stretches her beautiful pale body and sex feels bloated from the guy pierce through and through. The help of alcohol, these two embark on a completely fucking saucy, completely wild, where positions are linked as soon as this bitch orgasms. Completely shelled, as ever swept the girl did not even have time to catch her breath as she fell on a big waterfall of cum! Strongly on Saturday …

Date: April 28, 2020

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