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He fucks his young girlfriend in the middle of a gym session where she is sweaty


A young man comes to see his girlfriend who is in the middle of a sports session while doing an exercise bike. She sweats a lot and it excites him considerably. He comes to caress her and lets his hands run from everywhere that gives him a big pole. He rubs her against the body of the girl who stops instantly pedaling to come down his pants and carve a pipe. He decides that this fuck will be hot and wild and he sticks his cock deep in the throat by holding his head. He then puts on all fours for a furious doggystyle and smashes the vagina with great thrusts. The positions are linked like the Amazon, the doggystyle and missionary who are deepest. To replenish his strength, he will swing his cum right down the throat.

Date: April 3, 2020

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