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Bitch threatened to be kicked out of school


In a private school, you do not mess with discipline! The young Lisa, nineteen years is late every day and peak current with a miniskirt, tie, beret and a look of tease. The director is pissed and wants to fire her for a while and now it is too much. This little whore is insolent and arrogant in the extreme, she spreads her thighs and reveals her pussy through white panties completely transparent. The severe dirlo begins to bend in his poor habit, and calls the main instructor for help. The two friends do not see a solution: punishing blows to the plague of dicks. They begin by spank, since it does not deserve it. The hussy kneels alone to hold their tails in his mouth and started pumping it like a slave. Both have wicked hit the jackpot, and do not count its escape so easily. The schoolgirl will be removed turbulent pussy and ass by these two vicious excited as ever, which will eventually all their squirt on mashed his mouth. Great job, guys!

Date: April 5, 2020

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